Site overhaul in progress

Welcome to a temporary (hopefully very) world of digital sheetrock dust, paint fumes and scrap wood. The site is down for a much-need refresh ahead of my next tour. If all goes well, it will be back up and running January 20 soon – with new content, cleaner organization and a new focus on advice and tips to get the most out of your travels.

Unfortunately the grand plan for the site involves (read: is entirely dependent on) building it in WordPress. I turned my back on WP about 2 years ago, after losing the battle to fit my vision into a structure dictated by the themes I was working with. This time, I purchased a full-feature theme, thinking it would make life easier. And it may yet. But for now, I am struggling to understand how to organize content – let alone actually display it.

I am traveling at an uncommonly – for me, at least – leisurely pace for the next few weeks. When I find myself in a decent guesthouse with reliable internet, I’ll stick around to pull this together. In the meantime, I’m using to Tumblr to post updates on Tour of Duty 13 over at

If you’d like an email letting you know when it goes live, pop me a note at

A bit about me

I am based in Toronto, where I work as a consulting lawyer on data protection.  Through a bit of planning and good luck over the years, I’ve managed to spend a lot of time exploring Southeast Asia. Hopefully the stories and tips I share here will help you make the most of your own travels.

Everyone collects something.  I collect Aeroplan miles, countries and Lao highways.

If you have any questions about specific locations or travel in general, you’re welcome to send me a direct note.